StoreStreams Background Music

StoreStreams Background Music

StoreStreams one-stop solution for background music

Do you require a background music system for your business that will help you hold your customers attention, increase their dwell time and ultimately end up in more sales?  StoreStreams can assist you by providing an affordable background music service  that is scalable to meet the needs of any size business . Whether you are the proud owner of a single shop or a number of chain of stores, playing the right music at the perfect time is very essential for engaging your customers. Retail Research has shown that customers who are looking around a store feel more comfortable and are happy to dwell for a longer periods of time if  background music is playing.

Experienced Background Music Staff

The staff at StoreStreams are in-store music experts and  pride themselves in creating the perfect vibe for your retail environment. StoreStreams  solutions are not restricted to a simple background music system only.  StoreStreams offer the latest tracks by the renowned artists of today.  The base StoreStreams music service offers pre-programmed music channels  where you can choose from more than 25 music genres at an  affordable price. The best thing is that the tracks are updated on a daily basis.

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Custom Background Music Solutions

StoreStreams also offers custom music programming that helps to create the perfect vibe for your business. Storestreams will spend time with you gathering information to understand your customer demographic, peak business times,  and  age to help build that perfect background music experience for your business.

StoreStreams can take your background music experience even further by inserting your messages into your custom programmed station.  This will allow you to announce specials of the day, limited edition offers and or seasonal offers. StoreStreams Background music service plans start at just 20.00 a month.

StoreStreams Background Music Offers:

  • A Robust Music Catalog
  • New Hit Music Added Weekly
  • Scheduling and Day Parting
  • Customized Music Channels
  • Personalized Commercials and Messaging
  • Integrated Playback Solution “Web or Hardware”
  • 100% Worry Free With All Royalties and Licensing Fess Included
  • Easy Streaming Hardware Solutions: Including PC, Tablet, Smart Phone and Internet Radio
  • A Business Music Service That Is Scalable To Any Size Restaurant
  • Simple Pricing – Business Music Service plans starting at $20.00 a month
About StoreStreams Business Music Service

StoreStreams is the turnkey background music solution for your business. The Store Streams music service is a streaming media solution that integrates seamlessly within your business eenvironment With StoreStreams your business has access to the best in today’s hit music and a wide ranging music catalog to create the perfect vibe for your business!

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