Business Music

Business Music

Playing background music has become one of the best means of attracting and keeping customers. Walk into any store, restaurant or mall and you are likely to hear sweet, soothing music playing in the background. Business music has become a common phenomenon in the modern world owing to the influence music has on individuals behavior, attitude and temperance.

Creating the right ambiance in your bar, hotel or restaurant is as important as the drinks and food you serve. Business music is not only designed to influence customers but also the employees. For employees, music affects their attitude, commitment, effort and mood. On the part of customers, music affects the purchase behavior, time spent in the business, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Despite music for businesses being an indispensable component in any enterprise, it is very expensive to get legal licensing so that you can be allowed to play the music full-time. To obtain full rights to play the music, you have to pay fees to collecting societies and register with the responsible licensing organizations at a cost. However, there is a new way of having background music in your business; using the services provided by StoreStreams.

StoreStreams is a background business music company that helps you to create the perfect atmosphere for your customers by providing easy, affordable and legal music for businesses. The music for business is sorted out in different categories and assigned to the different radio station. We help you reinforce your brand identity by creating a right mood for your clients. furthermore our services are very affordable.

StoreStreams Vibe Upgrade

What StoreStreams offers?

1. Retail Radio 24/7
This is a better choice to begin with since it provides multiple channels to choose from, huge playlist with minimum repetition and highest quality digital sound with no variation from song to song.
2. Radio mixed for you
If your business needs customized music, then this is the best choice. We can work with you to design and craft personalized music channel that resonates well with your business atmosphere.
3. Custom programming
This is a top most line solution for business that needs radio commercials, imaging and customized music. Our music experts and engineers work with you to design unique radio imaging and one of a kind mixes that align well with your business needs.

Take your business to the next level, by allowing Store Stream to take a lead role in providing your customers with the best background music. You can’t force a client to utilize your services, but through music, you can alter, influence or change his buying behavior.

About StoreStreams Business Music Service

StoreStreams is the turnkey background music solution for your business. The Store Streams music service is a streaming media solution that integrates seamlessly within your business environment. With StoreStreams your business has access to the best in today’s hit music and a wide ranging music catalog to create the perfect vibe for your business!

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