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    Questions about the Store Streams Service
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    What Is Store Streams Retail Radio 24/7


    Store Streams Retail Radio 24/7 provides in store audio or background music for your retail outlet. Store Streams offers a wide variety of music channels that help create an the perfect  retail atmosphere for both your customers and your employees. It is intended for use in bars, restaurants, retail stores, professional offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality centers and health clubs. The Store Streams service is not for personal or household use.

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    How do I set up an account with Store Streams for Retail Radio 24/7?


    To set up an account for Store Streams Retail Radio 247 you can simply register online here. If you require additional help you can contact Store Streams at 1-(866) 775-1013 between 10 a.m.–7:00 p.m. CST (Mon–Sat) or 12 a.m. –5 p.m. CST (Sun) to speak with a dedicated customer service agent. You can also email us with any questions by clicking here.

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    Can I have multiple locations on one account?


    Yes, you can have as many locations as you want on your account. Please contact us to set up a multiple location account. Please note Store Streams will require the business address of each location utilizing the Store Streams Service. You can download and submit your business multi-location information from the link below.


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    Is the music played through Store Streams legal to play at my business?


    Yes. We pay all licensing fees for the music you play via the Store Streams Service.

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    Do I need to purchase additional hardware?


    No. You can use our service and play music with an existing computer, mobile phone or tablet. Or you have the option to purchase a complete in store audio solution from us. Please note that Store Streams is an internet radio service so you will need a broadband internet connection to gain access to the service.

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    Do I have to sign a contract for the Store Streams Service?


    No. Our service is month-to-month, if you’re not satisfied you can cancel at any time.

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    Is the Store Streams service safe and secure?


    Yes. Your password and payment information are encrypted and secure.

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    Why are music service subscriptions for business more expensive than consumer subscriptions?


    To make it simple this is how recording artists and the owners of the musical compositions get paid. When music is played on location at a business for the enjoyment of patrons and others, this is deemed a "performance" by the music artist, for which a royalty fee must be paid to performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Global Music Rights.

    music license


    For the convenience of our business customers, Store Streams includes these royalties in the price of our commercial subscription plans and pays the required royalties directly to the performance rights organizations on behalf of the businesses.

    We make it simple and legal for you to play music at your retail location.