Radio Mixed For You

Personalized radio channel for your business

Do you own that special business that has its own unique flavor,  vibe and that requires something a little more than our base channel services. StoreStreams can work with you and design a personalized music channel to match the atmosphere in your business that you want to create. Our team of music experts  will work with you and your team to develop a 100% unique music mix that fits your business.  How do we do it? By understanding your business demographic and most of all  listening to you. A StoreStreams music expert will ask you a serious of questions to build a profile for your business and scale a music channel around that profile.

Radio Mixed For You features include:

  • A unique music mix built around your business
  • Personal music director who consults with you about the perfect music mix, and keeps your channel updated and fresh
  • Select any genre and songs you like
  • Day-parted music options to fit your customer demographic and times they frequent your business.
  • Frequent, real-time updates without having to wait for discs in the mail or monthly downloads
  • Online client dashboard lets you see what is playing.
  • Highest quality digital sound with normalized volume from song to song.
  • Complete licensing – for all Canadian Businesses, SOCAN & Resound licensing and reporting


Store Streams is a fully licensed streaming music service for business and pays artist royalty payments to the reporting agencies shown above.StoreStreams commercial music streaming service is available in  Canada. All subscription service shown above is for Canadian based businesses only.