Music Licensing

 What music can I play and why do I need StoreStreams?

Playing music in your retail establishment without the appropriate licensing could cost you and your business up to $10,000 dollars in penalty fees per song violation.  StoreStreams has the proper music licenses and pays royalty fees for all of the content it delivers through its system.  StoreStreams provides a deep music catalog bringing you the latest and greatest hits across all genres! Knowing you have the right to play the music you broadcast in your store does not have to be challenging or confusing. StoreStreams handles all of the fees and royalties for you in the background. It is a seamless integration on our end that allows you to focus on managing your business.

Why are there these fees that have to be paid?

Musicians rely on royalty payments as income that are collected by reporting agencies for songs they have recorded.  Licensing reporting agencies are the companies that are contracted by the musicians to collect royalty payments on their behalf. These royalty companies have teams of lawyers and reporting agents that walk into retail establishments and businesses around the country to determine if the music being played is licensed or not. In fact, they do not introduce themselves unless they think there is a violation. If you walk into a business and hear music playing, the odds are likely that the music is licensed. Furthermore, there are different types of licenses for public play versus the one you paid to download a track from iTunes.

Why is StoreStreams different from other music services?

StoreStreams is a streaming-based in-store audio solution; while other music services do not stream they utilize a download scheme. This means our solution is able to play the brand new song you may of heard recently from a hot new band on the way to work because of the way we are licensed. If you are not streaming, you wind up with a very limited selection of old music.

StoreStreams is available in Canada

StoreStreams is now available in Canada!  StoreStreams is now fully licensed to offer commercial background music services in Canada and has secured music licensing through SOCAN and RESOUND.

Can’t I just play a local station or some other online streaming radio service?

Local stations do pay to play music, but they are paying a different license. Furthermore, why would you play a station where you have no control of content in your business where a competitor’s ad can play to pull customers out of your store? Online stations or services must be licensed properly as well. Not knowing is not a defense, and violations are very expensive.

StoreStreams keeps you legal and allows you to focus on your business.



Canadian Music Reporting Agencies


StoreStreams is a fully licensed music service and pays artist royalty payments to the reporting agencies shown above.