Retail Radio 24/7

Retail Radio 24/7 is the background music service for your business

The affordable, simple and legal background music service for your business

Retail Radio 24/7 is our entry point, low-cost, high-quality, background music service for your business. We are the alternative to Pandora, SiriusXM satellite radio, Muzak/Mood, DMX, FM radio and other conventional in-store audio background music services. There’s nothing to build, modify or manage – just tune in your favorite channel and enjoy the music!

Do you have multiple retail locations that require music?
Retail Radio 24/7 is your choice for single or multiple locations, We service retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, wine bars, coffee shops, fitness clubs, medical/dental offices, and more.

Retail Radio 24/7 gives you many fully licensed, ready-to-go music channels with playlists that are continuously updated by the same music professionals who create our fully custom program channels. Listen to any channels to find one that fits your business vibe!

Stream music legally to your business computer or favorite mobile device

Store Streams is streamed over the internet and does not require a:

. Satellite Dish or In-Store Receiver
. Hard Drive, ProFlex mumbo jumbo Black Box with fusion flash 3X files
. Radio Receiver
. CD Player or CDs


Retail Radio 24/7 offers many features:

  • Multiple channels to choose from – all professionally programmed and updated daily.
  • Huge playlists with low repetition – our channels are designed with the workday in mind
  • No interruptions – no commercials, promos, or DJ talk
  • Lots of variety – pick the sound that fits your brand and environment, or switch channels anytime based on time-of-day or mood
  • Music screened for content – no awkward moments when inappropriate lyrics
  • Plug-n-Play simplicity – available on a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or our onsite media hardware. There is no dish, no rooftop access required, all you need is your existing high-speed Internet connection
  • Fully licensed For Canada SOCAN & Resound licensing and reporting is included
  • Highest quality digital sound with no variations in volume from song to song
  • 30-day free trial – try Retail Radio 24/7 in your business free for a month with no obligation!
Store Streams is a fully licensed streaming music service for businesses and pays artist royalty payments to the reporting agencies shown above.
StoreStreams commercial music streaming service is only available in Canada. All subscription service shown above is for Canadian based businesses only.