Best Streaming Music Service For Business

 StoreStreams background music service features

Newest music guaranteed

We offer the newest tracks by today’s mega artists. Choose from over 20 genre stations that are updated daily. Custom stations are available to help create the perfect vibe for your retail outlet


Branded radio for your retail outlet

Store Streams can insert messages into your own custom station to announce specials, limited time offers and seasonal products. You provide the copy, we provide the talent and recording sessions.

Easy streaming & hardware solutions

Simply connect your speakers or PA system to your computer or favorite mobile device and press play! No hardware required. Store Streams also offers fully integrated hardware solutions for your retail outlet

StoreStreams is the best streaming music service for business providing best in class grocery store music, restaurant music, instrumental elevator music, waiting room music, hotel music, retail music, and the best music for bars.

Simple Pricing

Simply priced background music service for your business.

StoreStreams offers an affordable music services for your business that is 100% legal and simply priced. Choose one of our background music service plans that best fits your business needs. StoreStreams offers pre-programmed and custom background music services for your business.

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30 Day Free Trial

Programmed Channels

Web Based Listening Interfaces

Radio Imaging / Branding


Retail Radio 24/7


per month


25 Pre Programmed Channels

Radio Mixed For You


per month


Custom Programmed Channel

4 Branded Read Only Commercials

Custom Programming


per month


Custom Programmed Channel

8 Branded Read Only Commercials

StoreStreams is a streaming music for business service that is specified for commercial use only.
StoreStreams streaming music service for business is available in US and CanadaStoreStreams commercial music streaming service is only available in the United States and in Canada.

Commercial Audio Systems

StoreStreams Commercial Audio Systems

StoreStreams offers 70 volt commercial audio systems for your business complete with nation wide installation services. Do you need  a retail store sound system or a commercial sound system for your place of business. Are you looking to upgrade your existing commercial audio system? StoreStreams offers complete commercial audio systems and intercom solutions for your retail outlet.

StoreStreams commercial audio systems

Save money with a bundled commercial audio system from StoreStreams