In Store Music For Retailers


Radio For Retailers

StoreStreams provides affordable in store radio for retailers offering today's best music and biggest hits from yesterday. The StoreStreams music service allows retail outlets the ability to create their own in store radio stations.  StoreStreams offers:
  • Robust music catalog with newest tracks updated daily
  • Maintain schedule and day-part content
  • Custom Retail Radio Channels
  • Manage your own branding and audio commercials
  • Completely scalable to meet any size customers requirements
  • Integrated playback hardware solutions
  • 100% legal royalty fees included
StoreStreams bundled products and service

StoreStreams bundled products and service


Purchase select retail music playback systems from LineQ and now get six months free retail background music service from StoreStreams

Get six months free retail store music service from StoreStreams when you purchase a select bundled hardware options from LineQ. LineQ has internet radio, amplifier and speaker solutions for playing music in a retail store, or for music in your business. StoreStream’s retail music solution allows for customers to insert their own in store radio advertising as well as pick their own music to create that perfect vibe for their business. soundsystemsdesigned

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